APD student at Toyota Boshoku this summer

This summer Regimantas Vegele continued the tradition of representing the MA programme Advanced Product Design at Toyota Boshoku during a 9-week internship in Japan between June and August. Toyota Boshoku, which is a part of the Toyota Corporation, focuses on interior design for the Toyota Group.

Regimantas or "Regi” was one of three interns in this years internship programme. The two others were a fashion designer from the Italian school Istituto Europeo di Design and a textile designer from the Swedish School of Textile in Borås.

This year’s assignment was to design the interior for the next generation of Prius – from a European point of view. Regi’s design proposal was a highly appreciated concept that emphasized the traditions and culture and Japan. The final result was presented in late August to, amongst others, Dr.TOYODA, the CEO at Toyota Boshoku.

In addition to a professional, social and cultural experience, Regi also managed to climb mount Fuji, during the traditional week of paid vacation, which is included in the internship programme.

Regimantas is presently doing an internship at IDEO in Munich, Germany.

Regimantas Vegele during his internship in Toyota Boshoku

Regimantas Vegele during his internship in Toyota Boshoku this summer