UID at Sketching in Hardware 09

Sketching in Hardware is a yearly summit on the design and use of physical computing toolkits. This event is a playground and a think tank for people working in physical computing in various environments. Inventors, teachers, designers and artists come together to explore, innovate and develop new practices and methodologies for utilizing toolkits to create new technologies.

This year&s event took place in London and welcomed around 45 truly inspiring participants/speakers. Umeå Institute of Design was very well represented with three participants:

Fabricio Dore
Interaction Design graduate 2008, now working at IDEO
Presenting on Future Toolkits for Design Consultancies.

Matt Cottam
Interaction Design graduate 2009, co-founder of Tellart
Presenting his recent degree project: Wooden Logic

Camille Moussette
Interaction Design graduate 2007, PhD student and lecturer
Presenting on Craftsmanship in/for Interaction Design

This event represents a very fertile ground to exchange, share and discuss on topics relevant to technology, design and education. Many researchers present new tools and innovative systems while artists and designers showcase very inspiring work from around the world. Umeå Institute of Design with its Research Lab and Interaction Design Masters Program has been deeply involved in this area for many years and it is with great pleasure that we attend this summit every summer!

Lear more about this event at www.sketching09.com

Fabricio Dore exploring the Tenori-On from Yamaha

Carrot carving skills from Matt Cottam for the workshop activities