UID Student Acknowledged in 3 International Design Competitions

”Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution.” Ivan Chermayeff

Ceren Bagatar, alumni from the Advanced Product Design Programme at UID, graduating 2009 has won acknowledgement and prizes in three different design competitions with her concept for water purification, which she developed during her second year at the Advanced Product Design Programme.

Bagatar’s concept is entitled "Rescue Bottle” and it describes a water purifier designed to be used by flood-hit people to obtain a fast emergency rescue drink under flood conditions. Ceren submitted the concept to the design competition "Designing Water&s Future”, a competition arranged by The Aspen Design Challenge. Among the seven finalists were beside Ceren Bagatar also another student from Umeå Institute of Design, Ulrik Svenningsen with his design concept "Every Drop Counts".

Later Ceren submitted her concept to two other competitions, the Cumulus Competition 2009, "Design Inspiring Humanism”, a competition aiming to offer innovative designs of emergency rescue tools and solutions and to the community and Ceren was rewarded second prize. The next competition Bagatar submitted her concept to was the Cumulus Green Award and in that she was one of three finalists.

Ceren Bagatar

Rescue Bottle

Every Drop Counts