Admission Process

"Design is creativity with strategy." Rob Curedale

This week UID had 28 prospective BA students in the house. They were going through interviews, workshops and entrance tests individually and in groups.

The interviews were 25 minutes each and were carried out by the admission committee members: psychologist Jan Skog, UID senior lecturer Monica Lindh Karlsson, Peter Lundström, artist and employee at The National Public Art Council and Eva-Lena Bäckström, designer at Scandinavian Eyewear. The committee asked the potential students relevant questions and the students said they were quite nervous, but afterwards they said it was fun and more or less what they had expected.

In the individual entrance test they for instance got to design an emergency ward and in a news article figure out dilemmas that could be solved through industrial design. In the group session the seven students had to solve a couple of tasks, and the students appreciated the opportunity to work together.

One of the aspiring students is currently a second-year student at KTH&s Design and Product Realisation programme, but wants to be at Umeå Institute of Design because the education at UID is more practical and artistic. Another student does not hesitate why she wants to study here: UID is the best design school; it is as simple as that.