Awarded UID Student

"At a meta level, design connects the dots between mere survival and humanism." Erik Adigard

Francisco Lindoro, a student at the MA programme Advanced Product Design at UID, has been acknowledged in a number of design competitions for his concept Childbirth assistance outside hospitals.

March 2009: selected as a finalist in the Index Award
June 2009: winner of the silver award at IDEA by IDSA
August 2009: Index exhibition kick off Copenhagen
September 2009: winner Red dot Award
December 2009: Index exhibition South Korea
March 2010: iF Award

The concept was designed to help women and midwives with childbirth in developing countries, where there is often a lack of equipment and sterilization. Upon opening the sealed container, the midwife can access sterilized supplies in the sequence of their use: a mat, a lab coat for the midwife, cloths, and a baby sling.

The kit comes in a box that keeps all the elements sealed and sterilised and the tools are designed for easy use; every instrument has a form that suggests how to use it. The piece that cuts and ties the umbilical cord has been designed to combine three instruments in one. The equipment takes into account the requirements from the first stages of labour until after the birth.

With the Index Award, Francisco Lindoro had the opportunity to collaborate with people from the UN in the developing of the Mother-Baby pack project, a box for preventing the HIV transmission between mother and child. The box is plainly compartmentalized for prenatal, delivery and post delivery and it has images to inform about usage of the medicines, so the women understand how to use them whether they are literate or not. The Mother-Baby pack pilot project will begin in July 2010.