Big in Japan

Two students from Umeå Institute of Design are going to Toyota in Japan for internships this summer, Malin Grummas from the Advanced Product Design Programme, and Eric Leong from the Transportation Design Programme.

On Friday, March 26th, the Toyota representatives Mr. Kunimitsu and Mr. Ohshima made their annual visit to the MA programmes Advanced Product Design and Transportation Design to search for this summer internship in Japan. Mr. Kunimitsu carried out a number of interviews with students from the two programmes, while Mr. Ohshima, representing Toyota Boshoku, reviewed the portfolios and sketch logs from the first-year students of APD.

Toyota Boshoku, which is a part of the Toyota Corporation, focuses on interior design for the Toyota Group. The internship at Toyota Boshoku will be an intense 8-week project making a conceptual interior design for a specified Toyota model. Besides the two-months project, which offers a professional, social and cultural experience, the stay in Japan includes one week of paid vacation and sightseeing which usually among other things includes climbing mount Fuji.

After reviewing the students& portfolios, Malin Grummas from APD was the candidate selected for the internship at Toyota Boshoku, and Eric Leong was the one chosen from the TD programme.

Malin Grummas says she was surprised when she was selected for a short interview. The interview was very brief so when she was called back with the information that she was chosen for the internship, she was really overwhelmed. Grummas says she cannot remember what was said at the meeting, because of her astonishment. She is looking forward to the internship with delight and some fright. It will be her first time in Japan, in any part of Asia, and Malin is very expectant and grateful for this fantastic opportunity.