Design for Winners

"Glass is the most magical of all materials" Dale Chihuly

Kallirroi "Roy" Pouliadou and Jingjing Yao, students at the one-year course Advanced Design Visualisation at Umeå Institute of Design, have designed the new statuettes for the annual event Umeågalan, the Umeå Gala.

The two students started by interviewing previous winners, and gathered inspiration for the new design. The words that inspired the design were growth, interaction, success, impact of contribution, creativity, collaboration and achievement. Jingjing&s and Roy&s experience of Umeå is that it is a small town with all the convenience of the big city, the close vicinity to nature is wonderful, the winter is beautiful and the summer stunning. People in Umeå are welcoming and warm, and the local industry has everything you may ask for.

It was important that the new statuettes express the meaning behind the award giving, to let the local business people associate themselves with the statuette and feel that their effort is recognized.

The concept initiated from the logo of Umeågalan, and the students chose to work with glass for the statuettes: "Glass, as a material, is very inspiring. It can capture the motion of liquids when one knows how it needs to be treated", Roy and Jingjing declare.

Since all the statuettes are made on free hand by the glass-blowers at the local glassworks studio Glödheta, each and every one of them will be unique.