Future Bachelors

"I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come." Abraham Lincoln

Today, Thursday 18th the selection process starts for the BA programme. 62 (28 female and 34 male) students from Sweden, Norway and Finland have sent in work samples and Monica Lindh Karlsson, chairperson of the admission committee states that the quality of the work is really high. Monica appreciates that the programme contains design students from the Scandinavian countries since the varied perspective on design is beneficial for the students.

The committee consists of Monica Lindh Karlsson, senior lecturer at UID, Eva-Lena Bäckström, designer at Scandinavian Eyewear, Peter Lundström, artist and employee at The National Public Art Council and psychologist Jan Skog. The process for choosing the prospective students is based on consensus. During the day, the aim is for the 59 students to become 30, and those 30 will later be interviewed for the final 15 positions at the programme.