Google App(earance)

"I am always on the lookout for rising talent for our sales team." Lars Jerkland

Lars Jerkland, Inside Sales Manager at Google, visited Umeå Institute of Design on Monday November 1st. Jerkland is responsible for sales of "Apps and Search" for small and midsize enterprises in Europe, and he started at Google in 2007. Given that he graduated from Umeå School of Business in 1999, Jerkland is an alumnus of Umeå University.

The purpose of Lars Jerkland&s visit in Umeå was to hold a lecture at the university, as well as to discuss future collaboration. Jerkland was also the keynote speaker at the Umeå Open Source 2010 conference.

Maria Göransdotter gave Lars Jerkland a guided tour of UID, and he told her that he has heard a lot about UID, and stated that there are not many Swedish universities and educations people hear about, but UID has a very high international profile. Lars felt right at home in the multilingual environment at UID, and especially in the Interaction Workshop and in the IxD studio.

In the IxD studio Jerkland declared e-mail to be yesterday&s technology, and he expects that next year there will be more smart phones sold than computers. Before Jerkland left UID to proceed to Umeå University, he was given the book Designed in Umeå by rector Anna Valtonen, and Lars Jerkland said that he really enjoyed the tour, and considered UID a very inspiring place.