Green - the New Black

"What we play is life.” Louis Armstrong

The students at the second year of the Interaction Design Programme presented their four-week Serious Play Project on Friday 15th. The two themes of the project were to playfully introduce the elderly to technology, and to inspire people towards a way of living green. Fabricio Dore, Interaction Designer at IDEO, participated in the presentations with advice and feedback.

The students’ results were interesting and here are a couple of examples of the projects:

ALP – All Life is Precious: This project made a scanning device to scan objects you buy so that you can find out where the item was made and what you can do with it when it is time to let go. Thus the objects are given more significance so that people are encouraged to recycle or reuse the things they buy. During their research the students understood that people mainly wanted to know where an object comes from and what it is made of and also that there has been good working conditions where the item was produced.

Eco Cart: In this group a special shopping cart was developed, which acts differently depending on what you put in it. If you buy ecological items you will have no problem, but if you put stuff that are not green in the cart, then the cart will start to behave quite unruly. On the handlebar there is a display that will indicate how green every item is and finally your receipt will tell you not only the total cost, but also your carbon footprint.

Some of the students’ research showed three main reasons for NOT doing things for the environment: lack of knowledge, economical reasons or laziness. Their study also showed that even if it takes time and effort people will make that effort as long as it is fun.