Lonely Without Olme

"I&m a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics." Lightning McQueen, Cars

The first year students of the Transportation Design Programme have now finished their term project, the Olme Spyder. On Thursday, February 4th, Ove Bengtsson came and collected the full-scale foam plug of the roadster that the students have designed from scratch.

Ove started to build the chassis for the Olme Spyder in the autumn 2008 and the car passed the vehicle test on Midsummer Eve 2009. When it was time to start on the design of the exterior and interior of the car, Ove contacted Demian Horst, the programme director of the MA Transportation Programme. Ove Bengtsson&s initial idea was that the design could be a project for just a couple of students but instead it ended up being a term project for the whole programme. Ove built a dummy of the chassis and brought it to UID.

Ove says that he over and over again is overwhelmed by the sense and the quality of the students& work. There have been no obstacles during the collaboration and many great discussions have carried the project forward.

Ove Bengtsson has spoken to the project manager of the Custom Motor Show in Jönköping and got a slot for the car for at the motor show that takes place during the Easter. Last year the show attracted 80,000 people and is the largest car and motorbike fair in Scandinavia.

Ove was very happy and expectant when waiting for the milling to end. But his work really starts now; he will have to get the car ready for the Custom Motor Show in the beginning of April and due to delays he has only got seven weeks instead of ten. There are many steps ahead of him before he can assemble the car and paint it.

Several reporters were here to see the model and to interview the students, Ove Bengtsson and the programme director Demian Horst. Here you can see movie clips at Västerbottens-Kuriren and SVT.