New book: Designed in Umeå

"UID is the warmest school in the coldest town." Neda Hajmomeni, Advanced Design Visualisation student

During the 20th anniversary of Umeå Institute of Design, the book Designed in Umeå was published. Designed in Umeå illustrates the development of UID from 1989 to 2009. In the book you can read about the institute’s programmes, research group, staff, students and much more and there are also a lot of great photographs as well as pictures of the students’ concepts and designs.

The book is published by Infobooks publishing house and the major author is Norbert Andersson, a journalist who writes about technology and industry.

Visit Lycknis Bokshop, Adlibris or Bokia for instance, if you would like to buy this excellent book.