SIDeR 2010 IxD conference, March 24-25-26

SIDeR 2010 conference • March 24-26 2010
Umeå Institute of Design • Umeå, Sweden

The IxD students, the Interaction Design Program and Umeå Institute of Design are thrilled to host the 6th edition of the SIDeR Conference in Umeå, Sweden from March 24th-26th 2010. The 3-day event will combine a mixture of keynote speakers, student research presentations, workshops, interactive sessions and social events.

We are pleased to announce that Heather Martin, Zachary Lieberman and Erik Stolterman will be sharing inspiring ideas with us as keynote speakers.

With the title, Ingredients in Gradients we aim to communicate the intrinsic playfulness of the process behind creating interactive systems. We hope to evoke the range and openness of this field and allow for creative interpretation both from the student presenters and from the keynotes.

- Program and registration -
Please visit the dedicated site Ingredients in Gradients for all the details including Program, Workshops and Social Events.

- Sponsors -
Smart Design, Ergonomidesign & Umeå Institute of Design