Snowmobile Show

"Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up." Tate Linden

On Friday, March 12th, Industrial Design Introduction had their presentations and an exhibition of their 4-week Snowmobile project, a very intense project.

The presentations showed some new architecture for vehicles in snow and many students had developed scenarios for their designs. Most of the students understood the importance of considering the human factor in vehicle design and most of them also presented a very unconventional result.

The designs showed individuality and width, and the students found inspiration from for instance snails, Hello Kitty, Alessi, James Bond, Kill Bill and Star Wars.

At the exhibition you could see the students& design posters and also their clay models. Among the designs were emergency response snowmobiles to be used specifically for search and rescue missions, snowmobiles used for freestyle snowmobiling, with the user standing doing jump and tricks. Furthermore, there was a Cinderella Snowmobile for young females with love for fashion, and one of the students had designed a snowmobile for Sámi people moving their reindeers on to bait. Another student used the Hello Kitty brand for the snowmobile and one of the designs was a vehicle for WWF conservation workers in extreme snow conditions. Finally, there was a snowmobile for Siberian teenagers riding on the arctic Russian tundra.