Storytelling + Product Design

This autumn the 2nd year Master students on the Advanced Product Design programme completed a new 5 week course named ”Visual Design Prototyping”. The challenge stated in the course brief was for the students to select one of their previous projects and create an explanatory time-based visualization of the intended usage and designed interaction between a user and the product. How this story would be told and visualized was up to the students to define.

With the increasing possibilities of adding computer-based technology to both existing and new types of products, either for functional, informational or emotional effect, the design experience of a product’s functionality and visual expression is becoming an increasingly important and natural part of the professional designer’s area of expertise.

Industrial designers often has, as a natural part of the development of the concept and physical design of a product, imagined, considered and sometimes even designed the principals for the interaction between the user and the product, either with physical, audio, or visual feedback and communication, but have often lacked the tools and skills of visualizing these product characteristics in a time-based media.

All the students chose to work with their results from previous term projects. Five students worked with their designs of smart self-care concepts from their "Strategic Design” project, which was done in collaboration with Philips, and one student worked with his result from the "Design for User Experience” project, focusing on children in school coaches, sponsored by the Volvo Group.

The six movies developed by the APD students can be viewed on Vimeo by clicking on the images to the right.

Philip Nordmand
Aura – Respiratory Stress Therapy

Regimantas Vegele
"A Message From A Child" - A Coach Seat For Children

Erik Borg
Food Allergen Detector

Emil Orman
SES - Sound Gaming

Paco Lindoro
Fracture Rehabilitation System

Artur Tchoukanov
"Mind over Matter" A Meditation Trainer