Students Going Postal

"People&s behaviour makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs, and motives." Thomas Mann

This week, the first-year students of the Advanced Product Design Programme have been following the postal workers for a user study. The user study initiates a 10-week term project and the result will be presented in January 2011.

During the study the students explored the workers& needs for products and solutions, looking for user motivations and behaviours in everyday work life context. What kind of equipment and tools do mailmen use? The students were encouraged by programme director Thomas Degn to bring note pads, cameras and a lot of curiosity.

After the first phase of the project, APD will present their findings on Monday, November 8th. Next phase the students will start to develop their design briefs of their chosen problem solution, which they will be working with for nine weeks.

Posten Norden employs around 50.000 people, and 250 of the employees are working in Umeå. Approximately 150 of these are working at the Umeå mail terminal, which is located next to the Umeå airport. The mail terminal functions as a hub, where all the post entering or leaving the Umeå region is gathered, sorted and distributed for further transport locally, regionally or nationally. In Umeå, the mail goes to and from one of the five post offices, where the mail is handled and sorted again, and then finally delivered by mailmen.

TV4 interviewed APD student Joshua Galitsky and some postal workers. Watch the interview.