Delivering Design

"I get mail; therefore I am." Scott Adams

On Friday January 14th the first-year students at the Advanced Product Design programme had a final presentation of their ten-week postal service project that was carried out in collaboration with Posten.

The first phase of the project included user studies on site with interviews and rapid ethnography of several local postal workers. The second phase included analysis of the acquired insights, creative groups sessions and initial ideation to identify design opportunities based on the postal workers& problems, needs and wishes. In the third phase the students were asked to choose one of the identified design opportunities and develop feasible solutions. As a part of this phase the students carried out user feedback sessions showing concept proposals with mock-ups to evaluate initials ideas, and based on the postal workers& feedback, the students then developed their ideas further. At the final presentation the students presented 11 concepts including smart lifting devices, working gloves, advanced communication devices and delivery vehicles.

Twelve guests representing the Swedish postal service Posten attended the presentation, local post employees as well as the Stockholm based development department and working environment coordinators, and the internal Posten newspaper NyhetsPosten.

The postal representatives were impressed by how capable, inventive, and competent the APD students are, and they were fascinated by the research results and the students& insights to the postal employees& present and future working conditions and the concrete ideas and proposed solutions for these.

At the end of the presentation Production Manager Eleonora Asplund thanked the students with gift cards and foreign postage stamps.