Design Open

"If there is a future, it will be Green." Petra Kelly

The second year students in the BA programme in Industrial Design at UID won third prize in the renowned student design competition SVID Design Open. They were awarded for their concept Noel, a product that helps you get control of your home electricity even when you are away from home. The theme of this year&s competition was Energy in everyday life.

Often you arrive to school or the office and suddenly have that horrific feeling that you forgot to turn off the stove or didn&t pull out the plug to the iron. With Noel you are able to do those things via an app in your mobile phone or via Facebook. Noel is a product with power switches that you can easily attach to your wall sockets.

During the project, the students have been tutored by UID alumni Johan Frössén, now working at PeoplePeople. The jury&s motivation for the third prize was "Remote control of electricity usage is distinguishing our time and the unique product improves a service that people are demanding more and more. The switch has a sophisticated function that is presented in a stringent and pedagogical design with an effectively formulated description to attract consumers of today. The service as well as the product has all the requirements to be put on he market."