UID master student acknowledged with Red Dot Concept Award

Cenk Aytekin, a student at the MA programme of Advanced Product Design was among the 252 who as acknowledged with a Red Dot Design Award in this year’s Design Concept category.

From a total of 3,536 entries from 54 countries, submitted for 21 different categories, Cenk received his Red Dot in the protection category for his Jaws of Life concept HOC. Earlier this year the concept was also acknowledged with a Silver award in the American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

HOC is an ergonomic cutting tool designed in cooperation with the professional rescue personnel of the Umeå fire department. The main focus of the project was to improve the safety and ergonomics for fire fighters in rescue situations through a user centred design process. The project was Cenk's first term project at the Advanced Product Design program and was sponsored by Umeå municipality and carried out in collaboration with fire fighters at the Umeå fire department.

On-site and hands-on research and observations showed that existing hydraulic cutting tools in the market today are both heavy and have poor usability and ergonomics, or as Conny Qwarforth who works as a fire fighter in Umeå says: “Many of the tools we have are designed for industrial use, and therefore lack the ease of use that fire fighters need in critical situations such as a traffic accident.”

HOC is designed specifically for rescue operations where every second counts. The design is developed to accommodate various working postures by providing highly flexible and easy to use ergonomic handles together with a rotating hose connection. By prolonging endurance the rescue personnel can perform quicker and safer victim extrications.

Cenk resumed his studies at the Advanced Product Design programme after having completed three internships at Smart Design, New York (USA) , Atlas Copco’s Design Competence Centre, Örebro (Sweden) and Philips Healthcare, Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

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