Red Dot ranks UID no.1 in Americas & Europe - UID students win four new awards


From a total of 3.672 entries from 56 countries, submitted to 21 different categories, seven MA students from the Umeå Institute of Designs two MA programmes Advanced Product Design and Interaction Design were among the design talents who were acknowledged with a total of four awards in Red Dot's Design Concepts category 2012.

Three MA students from the Advanced Product Design programme (APD), Carlos Arturo Torres (Columbia), Dawid Dawod (Sweden) and Kim Risager (Denmark), each won an award for the concepts they developed during the Mining Project. This term project was carried out in collaboration with New Boliden and Atlas Copco's Industrial Design Competence Center. The process included a two-day visit in Boliden with a participatory field study in New Boliden's Renström mine, one of Sweden's deepest mines. 


Dawid developed Boltec .04, a new type of rock-bolting machine. The main feature with this concept is that the manual work required by the operator when loading and servicing the drilling head can be done, unlike today, in absolute safety on the vehicle's deck, behind the cabin under a protective safety-roof.

Kimsaw the opportunity to develop Hyperion, a proposal for the next generation of mining helmets with optimal work light and head-up-display features that would both increase safety and strengthen the bond between the workers and the machines they operate.

Carlos developed BOOMER RC-M, a futuristic concept for how the optimal modular system for mining machines might look like. He chose to visualize his project through an amazing animation, please enjoy.


The fourth and last award went to the 100 BPM concept. 100 BPM helps to save lives by greatly increasing the success rate of administering compression-only CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to an adult after a cardiac arrest. It does this by giving the rescuer tangible feedback through sound and light, for the two most important factors for success of the procedure: compression depth and frequency of the compression. 100 BPM uses light to create a depth scale illustrating compression depth, and a 100 BPM beat for the user to follow. Sound is used not only to guide the rescuer to administer 100 BPM compressions, but to also manage the stress and emotional stages the rescuer experiences over time.

The concept was developed during an Industrial Sound Design course as a group effort with participants from the APD programme; Natalie Vanns (Great Britain) and Maxime Dubreucq (France) and the Interaction Design programme; Shivanjali Tomar (India) and Doris Feurstein (Austria).


UID ranked 1 in Americas & Europe 

This year's wins secured UID a first position in Red Dot's ranking of the most winning schools in Americas & Europe the past 5 years.

2012_Red Dot_1st

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