What if ... Bildmuseet May 19 - June 6

Exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umeå Arts Campus, May 19-June 6 2012

What if we could create a better world through design? If we could find new ways of thinking and of using our creativity?
In the exhibition What if … we want to show how the design process can be used to identify and solve problems in new and creative ways. Our students have, in close collaboration with companies and organizations, explored how design can be used to think in new ways in different contexts.
"Collaboration is fundamental to everything we do. Students learn from each other, and from working with real-life design opportunities with companies. What if … is about that: making things better, together."
/Anna Valtonen, Rector

Umeå Institute of Deisgn has been ranked as one of the best design schools in the world, by Business Week, iF and red dot. Students and teachers come from all over the world, at the moment 32 different countries, making sure the school is a true melting pot of creative minds.

The pictures are from the opening of Bildmuseet the 19th of May 2012.

Bildmuseet Skoter
Visitors by a model of the Ockelbo Poro, an electric snowmobile designed by Anton Garland, for trail and freestyle driving.

Bildmuseet Anna Per
Rector Anna Valtonen and Per Sihlén, Lecturer in industrial design and curator for the exhibition, welcome the visitors.

Bildmuseet Daniela Demian
PhD Student Daniela Rothkegel with Demian Horst, Lecturer and Programme Director, Transportation Design.

Bildmuseet Harold G Nelson
Professor Harold G. Nelson, visiting professor at UID between April and June 2012, liked the exhibition.
- It was great!

Bildmuseet visning
Some of the students were present to show and talk about their works.

Bildmuseet utsikt
From a room with a view.

Bildmuseet restaurangen
The restaurant.