Umeå Institute of Design best brand in Umeå

At Umeågalan 2015, the entrepreneurial event of the year, the Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University was the winner in the "Best Brand" category for its achievements in putting Umeå on the world map.

The award was honoured with the motivation. "The brand has achieved great success with the help of a familiar and innovative environment as well as close collaborations with the industry. It trains world-class designers and puts Umeå on the world map."


Photo: Happy winners! Maria Göransdotter, Vice Rector, Demian Horst, Deputy rector for strategic collaboration, and Monica Lindh Karlsson, Deputy rector for subject development. (Photographer: Andreas Nilsson)

"The award means incredibly much for us at Umeå Institute of Design. We have long been visible more on an international level than a local. This is now evidence of how our work in establishing networks and relations regionally have had an effect. Our position in Umeå is key to our success and means a lot in what we have become," says Maria Göransdotter, Vice Rector at Designhögskolan.

Award celebrations will follow today with Umeå University anniversary cake.

"It is gratifying that students at Umeå Institute of Design once designed the statue. Now we have taken it 'home'," says Maria Göransdotter.