With the appointment of Johan Redström as the new rector in 2015, Umeå Institute of Design also changes its leadership structure. Since 2003 the leadership has been shared between a rector and a head of department. The new structure removes this division and instead introduces a rector group sharing the tasks of managing and developing the school, including education, research, collaboration and administration. The new collaborative leadership model relates directly to the future of the subject of industrial design, itself a collaborative effort. The new leadership aims to position UID as an even more attractive and exciting environment for students, staff and partners from all over the world.



BW Johan Redström

Johan Redström is Rector of Umeå Institute of Design. As rector he formally holds the overall responsibility for the school, with focus on subject and strategic development.






BW Maria Göransdotter

Maria Göransdotter is Vice rector. She handles operative issues, including staff and economy, and functions as substitute for Rector when necessary.






BW Demian Horst

Demian Horst is Deputy rector for strategic collaboration. He handles strategic and operative issues relating to external collaborations and their contribution to developing design education and research.






Monica Lindh-Karlsson

Monica Lindh Karlsson is Deputy rector for subject development. She leads our work with developing the design subject and design education, with focus on long term quality and relevance.