Design Connections, 60 ECTS-credits

Do you want to push design into new areas? Are you interested in how design can be connected to new frontiers?

In the past ten years, technology has expanded and given designers and students alike new tools to work with. This has created opportunities for designers to engage in finding solutions for many social and environment issues that have become evident today. Design Connections is a course that brings opportunities for students who want to be prepared not only for the professional design world, but also for working with design tools in wider areas than the traditional design arenas. Graduates from Design Connections will have perfected their competencies with the aim of working in leading and strategic positions, as senior designers or on management level in companies or organisations.

Design Connections provides tools for designers to be effective in communicating industrial design competencies in different contexts. As the field industrial design evolves and moves to challenge issues in complex areas of social structures, students as designers must be prepared with the knowledge of how the design process relates to other business and societal processes. As industrial designers are moving into new professional fields such as large government and health care organisations, where industrial design has not been applied before, the role of the industrial designer also evolves, placing even more emphasis on the designers' ability to work with communicative skills, convincing strategies and clear visuals on various strategic levels.



Design Connections 2011-2012

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Tony Catignani

Tony Catignani

Course responsible, Design Connections

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