Industrial Design Intensive aims at giving an introduction to the methods and processes used in the field of industrial design. The course format is work- and content intensive, and while starting with the fundamentals on a basic level, the pace and study methods in IDI support students in the possibility of reaching a high level of design skills and competence during the study year.

Studies are mainly conducted in project form where theory and practice are combined. The course is open for students from other disciplines than industrial design who wish to specialise within the design field. Many of the students on the course have degrees in non-design disciplines and are looking to either broaden their competence in design in order to collaborate with industrial designers or to change study direction and specialise within the field of design.

Upon completing the course, students can work in professions related to design with a special competence in industrial design work methods and processes, and will have produced a portfolio which enables them to apply for other educations within the design field.

The course will not give you a degree, but can be included in a Higher Education Diploma.


Oscar Björk BW

Oscar Björk

Course Responsible, Industrial Design Intensive
Phone: +46 90 786 76 93


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