Student projects

MFA in Advanced Product Design

Examples of student work from 2001 to present day

APD1 2020 Product Analysis And Construction Icon
2020 Design for Refurbishment

APD1 2020 ISD Icon Pic
2020 Sound Design

APD1 2019 First Responders 0
2019 New Product Solutions for Future First Responder Collaboration

APD2 2019 Grey And Green Urban Visions 0 2019 Visionary and Sustainable Solutions for Grey and Green Urban Spaces 2030

APD2_2019_Visual-Storytelling_0.jpg 2019 Visual Storytelling

APD1 2019 Indoor Wellbeing 0 2019 Visions for Indoor Wellbeing

APD2 2019 Degree 0 Icon 2019 Degree Projects

APD1 2019 Logitech 0 Icon 2019 Equipping the Future Agile Workspace

APD1 2019 Thermometer 0 Icon 2019 Product Analysis and Construction

19 APD1 Sounddesign Icon 2019 Sound, Form and Interaction

18 APD1 Aerospace Icon 2018 Next Generation Aerospace Assembly

APD 2018 UE 0 Icon
2018 Product Solutions for Power Grid Infrastructure

Kitchen Concepts Icon 2018 Kitchen Concepts for Sustainability

APD2 2018 Visual Storytelling 0 2018 Videos of Product Design Concepts

APD 2018 Degree 0 Icon 2018 Degree Projects

APD 2018 Nokia 0 Icon 2018 New E-health Designs

APD 2018 Thermometer Icon 2018 Prototyping New Designs for IR Thermometers

APD 2018 ISD 0 Icon 2018 Sound in Industrial Design

APD 2017 Kalmar 0 Icon 2017 Coming Generations Material Handling Equipment

APD 2017 ABB 0 Icon 2017 Smart Collaborative Products

APD 2017 Water Luxury 0 Icon 2017 The Experience of Scandinavian Water Luxury

APD 2017 VDP 0 Icon 2017 Visual Storytelling + Product Design

APD 2017 Degree 0 Icon2017 Degree Projects

APD 2017 FLIR 0 Icon2017 New Applications and Brand Expressions for FLIR

APD 2017 Trimmer 0 Icon2017 Designing Garden Trimmers

APD 2017 ISD 0 Icon2017 Sound and Form

APD 2016 Extreme Bolting 0 Icon2016 Extreme Bolting

APD 2016 Urban Nature 0 Icon2016 Urban Nature 2030

APD 2016 VDP 0 Icon2016 Visual Storytelling + Product Design

APD 2016 Healthcare Handwash 02016 Hand Washing in Healthcare Settings

APD Degree Projects2016 Degree Projects

APD 2016 Bosch 02016 Strategic Design for Bosch

Solid Works Skrewdriver2016 Solidworks 'n' Screwdrivers

Industrial Sound Design2016 Sound and Form

User experience paramedics2015 The Paramedics Project

Urinary Catheter2015 The Urinary Catheter Project

Digital Shower2015 The Digital Shower Experience

Storytelling2015 Storytelling + Product Design

15_APD_Degree_0.jpg2015 Degree Projects

15_APD_StrategicDesign_0.jpg2015 Let Philips Come Even Closer

2015 Electric Screwdriver + Brand X

15_APD_ISD_0 2015 Sound and Form

14_The LKAB Mining Project2014 LKAB Mining Project

14_Design Concepts for New CPAP Systems for Infants in Intensive Care 2014 Design Concepts for New CPAP Systems for Infants in Intensive Care

14_Form & Interaction_Skills and Techniques 2014 Form & Interaction

14_VDP_0_icon_pic2014 Storytelling + Product Design

14 APD2_DegreeProjects_2014_IconPic 2014 Degree Projects

14 APD1_SD14_Icon-pic
2014 Future Safety Solutions for Oil and Gas Workers

2014 Electric Screwdriver + Brand X

APD Sound Design2014 Industrial Sound Design

_13_T3_CPAP_Pix2013 Design Solutions for Preterm Infants Undergoing CPAP Treatment

_13_T1_Vehicle_Pix2013 The Future of Commercial Vehicles

13_Tap_X_0 2013 Kitchen Faucet + "Function X" = Added Value! 

13_VDP_Pix2013 Storytelling + Product Design

2013 Degree Projects

13_SD_FutureRescueConcepts_Icon2013 Future Rescue Concepts

2013 LEDx

12_UE_Plumbersfuture2012 The Plumbers Future Working Environment

12_ET_Homefire2012 Home Fire Safety

2012 Storytelling + Product Design

2012 Degree Projects

sensing the future project 20122012 Sensing the Future Project

12_PM_screwdriver2012 Parametric Modeling

12_UE_miningproject2011 The Mining Project

2011 The Water Tap

2011 Visual Storytelling Icon
 Storytelling + Product Design

2011 Degree Projects

2011 Industrial Sound Design

2011 The Organ Monitoring Project

2011 The Aerocrine Project

2011 Prototyped Electric Screwdrivers with Brand Identity

2010 Emerging Technology

2010 Prototyping Radios for Brand X

2010 The Postal Service Project

2010 Storytelling + Product Design

2010 Consumer Concepts for Lifestyle Diseases

2010 Design of Form and Sound

10_Degreeprojects 2010 Degree Projects

2009 The Umeå Firefighter Project

2009 Degree Projects

2009 Smart Self-Care Concepts

2009 Lightcraft Project

09_PM radio
2009 Working Radio Prototypes with Worksite DNA

2009 Sound and Form Language

01-08 archieve
2001-2008 Project Archive