Let Philips Come Even Closer

2015 Strategic Design

10-week term project in collaboration with Philips


The starting point was to analyse and understand Philips as a brand, the core values, the history and present product ranges, in order to imagine the possibilities of new types of Philips products seen in a future scenario. With the open project title of Let Philips come even closer, the objective was ideate freely for new relevant design opportunities between consumer and professional healthcare solutions. The ambition was to ideate new concepts that would provide the physical and emotional design experience expected from Philips and make a valuable and potentially long lasting impact on the users life's, positioning Philips in an even more intimate user space both emotionally and physically.

Work method

The project started of with a 3 day workshop session with Philips focusing on getting an understanding of Philips's present market presence and the potential design opportunities looking at different user groups and the challenges and changes they face due to lifestyle, physical conditions or age. After additional research the students had a group brainstorming session before they made a decision on their final project direction. During the project the students were introduce to the method of creating a "Common Core" during a number creative group assignments. Later they also received individual tutoring on the specific Common Core they developed for their own project.


The final design concepts addressed as diverse themes and user challenges as: Visual dental monitoring at home, monitoring of babies sleeping patterns, a product line for active users with an ostomy. A compact bladder scanner for users with urinary retention. Visual scanning, detection and preliminary diagnosis of skin irregularities. Intimate swap sampling that can be carried out in the privacy of ones own home. Visual feedback to optimise exercise during rehabilitation. Prevention of osteoporotic fractures. Stress relief and sleep assistance for new-born's and their parents.

External project tutor from Philips:

Ozgur Tasar, Industrial Designer.

External tutor on Strategic Design:

Alex Liebert, Project Manager, Atlas Copco.

Course responsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.