2016 Degree Projects

MFA Degree Project in Advanced Product Design

20-week course

The design opportunities identified and addressed in the degree projects covered as diverse and challenging themes as: A new line of protective masks for Dräger Safety with a distinct design identity and a new filter system for improved ergonomics and comfort. A rugged yet elegant and simple diagnostic tool to help assist ASHA workers in rural India monitoring new-born's vital signs. A new design for an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine combining lung and heart support for critical care. A solution for how to create high volume containment beds in case of an emergency, using bamboo, zipties and Tyvek paper on a roll. How to improving basic and essential ECG training for professional caregivers and make it more hands-on. A conceptual solution of a new non-intrusive body-worn hearing solution for deaf or hearing impaired people. A new approach on using microwave magnetrons and create a new, simple platform for cooking. A solution to monitor, log and encourage athletes and their trainers, both before and especially after a sports injury and a concept for a simple and low cost chest drainage solution combining the knowledge of best practices.
This wide span of new ideas and designs to improve and enrich our daily life is an indicator of the design opportunities just waiting to be identified and addressed by the professional industrial designer.

» Link to the 2016 on-line exhibition

External project tutor:
Anders Smith, Industrial Designer, Denmark.

Exam advisor:
Oscar Björk, part-time teacher and Industrial Designer, Struktur Design.

Course responsible and examiner:
Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.