Strategic Design for Bosch

2016 Strategic Design

10-week term project in collaboration with Bosch


The starting point was to analyse and understand Bosch as a brand, the core values, their impressive history, present product ranges, ambitions and future potential, in order to imagine the opportunities of new types of Bosch products for either existing or new user groups. The ambition was to create new Bosch products that could help levitate the Bosch brand and make a valuable impact on the users life's, as well as helping Bosch positioning themselves in a segment of intelligent and emotionally powerful product solutions and experiences.

Work method

The project started of with a 2 day workshop session with Bosch focusing on getting an understanding of their present market presence and product segments, within areas as wide as household appliances, eBike mobility, hand tools, surveillance and intelligent home systems. After additional research the students decided on their final project directions.

During the project the students were introduce to the method of creating a 'Common Core' for a selection Bosch's product lines during a number creative group assignments. Later they also received individual tutoring on the specific Common Core they developed for their own project direction.



The final design concepts addressed as diverse themes as: A handheld scanner for hazardous substances on food like toxins on fruit. Non-intrusive dental care for dogs using UV lighting activated by the dog's chewing. A compact laser measuring and aligning tool for DIY's. An intelligent chopping board with build-in scale and sensors for visual nutrition information and cooking advise, a tracking and monitoring system providing a visual display of the movement and behaviour of a pet. A series of 'connected pots' providing water, nutrition and light and monitors the growth of herbs and plants, an active noise cancelation device for the home environment. Next generation's programmable teapot. A semi-autonomous and self-manoeuvring bicycle trailer. A modular cooking system for compact kitchens. Autonomous surveillance of farm animals and visual sharing of daily memories in the home.


External project tutor from Bosch (Germany):

Bernd Wiesenauer, Industrial Designer, Bosch User Experience.
Adriaan Van Eyndhoven, Industrial Designer, Bosch User Experience.
External tutor on Strategic Design:
Alex Liebert, Project Manager, Atlas Copco.

Internal tutor:

Oscar Björk, part-time teacher and Industrial Designer, Struktur Design.

Course responsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.