Hand Washing in Healthcare Settings

2016 Skills & Techniques

4-week course with FM Mattsson Mora Group



The objective was to explore the opportunities for envisioning new hand washing systems and the design and interaction experience that would address the needs of professional caregivers and ensure optimal hand hygiene in a healthcare setting.

Work method

The first day of the course started with visits at the three different wards at the local University hospital; the intensive care ward, the haematology ward and the operation ward.
The visits were followed by a short and intense 2-day workshop where findings and impressions were shared and the first ideas were generated. Three representatives from FM Mattsson Mora Group's product development team participated actively during this phase.
The next step was for the students, based on the information, insights and initially generated ideas, to decide on a concept direction and develop it further. 


At the final presentation each student presented their concept with a physical model, a poster and a short 'photo-sketching-movie' displaying the intended interaction between the user and the developed hand washing concept.
The results of the course were later presented to representatives from the Umeå University hospital at an arrangement made especially for them.


External tutors:

Johannes Arapoglou, Maria Larsson, Christer Klasa from the FM Mattsson Mora Group.

Internal tutors:

Lars Johansson, Interaction Design tutor.
Peter Lundholm, software teacher.

Course responsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.