Smart Collaborative Products

2017 Conceptual Product Solutions

10-week term project in collaboration with ABB


The objective of this term project was to explore freely the design space and potential of the next generation of collaborative product solutions. The starting point and initial inspiration was the technology behind ABB's YuMi robot, the first inherently safe collaborative robot on the market. 

Work method

From this understanding the first phase of the project included student driven research and a number of arranged user visits around Umeå, in order to search for and identify potential areas where new collaborative product solutions could have a positive and meaningful impact.
After the students had identified a number of relevant design opportunities, they started working in smaller groups on a topic and direction of their own choice.
The group work included ideation and the conceptualization and design of new visionary product solutions that could enable a higher level of physical collaboration and interaction between these and their users and the production of small movies showing this.


The study resulted in a number of collaborative product solutions for rehabilitation in case of strokes, forestry planning, customised welding at smaller workshops, microbiology labs and e-waste disassembly.


External contact at ABB:

Camilla Kullborg, Senior scientist, ABB Corporate Research.

External project tutor:

Bilgi Karan,  Principal UX Designer, ABOVE.

Internal tutors:

Jonas Sandström, teacher in form and visualization.
Oscar Björk, project tutoring and support.

Course repsonsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.