New Applications and Brand Expressions for FLIR

2017 Strategic Design

10-week term project in collaboration with FLIR 



The starting point was to analyse and understand FLIR as a brand, its core user segments and present product ranges, in order to imagine the possibilities of new types of FLIR solutions. As the project title indicates the project objective was to identify and ideate new relevant design opportunities for FLIR within both exiting and new user segments, technology spans and user scenarios, as well as consider and develop a design language and product design for each of these.

Work method

The project started with a couple of workshops and introduction activities together with FLIR. In order to get an understanding of the potential of applying infrared and other camera technologies in new user and product segments, a series of short field trips and visits were arranged at professional work places around Umeå. During the project the students were introduce to the method of creating a "Common Core" through a number creative group assignments. Later they also received individual tutoring on the specific Common Core they developed for their own project.


The final design concepts addressed as diverse themes and user challenges as: A diagnostic device with vain detection and heat camera features for paramedics. A communication and navigation kit for K9 officers and their dogs. Combined camera and measuring solutions for either farmers or construction workers. Handheld and flying drone applications for police forensics when documenting and securing evidence at a crime scene. Monitoring concepts of feedback to optimise personal exercise or wellbeing through the reading of ones own body temperature. Surveillance and visual assistance to office offers before arriving at the scene of a crime or accident.


External project tutors from FLIR:

Christian Högstedt, Industrial Designer.
Anton Hoffman, Industrial Designer.

External tutor on Strategic Design:

Alex Liebert, Industrial Designer, Usify AB.

Course responsible and internal tutor:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.