New E-health Designs

2018 Strategic Product Design

10-week term project in collaboration with NOKIA



The primary objective with this term project was to propose new products articulated inside or adjacent to the core areas of: activity, weight management, heart health and sleep, which could enhance Nokia's digital health business unit portfolio in 2020. 

Work method

The starting point, in order to explore relevant design opportunities, was to first get a common understanding of Nokia Health's present products and the segments they are represented in, the technologies these are based on and the way users interact and experience these through the actual use of a number of products on the market. A visual summary of the design language that today goes across both the physical and digital manifestation of Nokia Health was also explore through a common core exercise. 


The final design concepts addressed as diverse themes and user challenges as: Concentration monitoring with EEG sensors in a noise cancelling headset. Sleep coach represented with a bedside alarm clock. Nutrition management with synced weight and visual recognition of food item in kitchen top products. Next generation Nokia smart watch. A head-worn unit for breathing control and meditation. A new take on the classic body scale. A wearable activity and alarm bracelet for elderly. A friendly and communicative baby monitor. A health and skin care kit and a watch for mental health tracking.


External project tutors from Nokia:

Anton Fahlgren, Head of Industrial Design, Nokia Design, USA
Amelie Caudron, Project Manager, Nokia Health, France. 

External tutor on Strategic Design:

Alex Liebert, Industrial Designer, Usify AB.

Visualization and form feedback:

Jonas Sandström, Senior Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.

Course responsible and internal tutor: 

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.