Visionary and Sustainable Solutions for Grey and Green Urban Spaces 2030

2019 Conceptual Product Solutions

10-week term project with the Husqvarna Group 


The objective of this design study was to explore  the design space for new sustainable product solutions between grey and green urban spaces in the future together with the collaborating partner Husqvarna which is one of the world's leading producers of outdoor power products for forest, park and garden care, watering products and power tools for construction. 

Work method

A pre-project activity included a research trip to Gothenburg to participate in the Husqvarna hosted conference Living City. The trip also included a visit at Husqvarna Construction's Demo Center in Jonsered and meetings with the Brand Design Managers of Husqvarna's Park and Greenspace Products and Solutions and Construction Products and Solutions. As small sum-up video of the trip can be seen below.

The first phase of the project included two workshops at UID facilitated by ABOVE which student research in between these. After this the students had identified a number of relevant design opportunities and directions and started to explore these in smaller teams. Each team did additional research, ideation and the conceptualization of a new solution or product design. 

Result and videos

The study resulted in a number of diverse concepts addressing different opportunity areas like: How to help and speed up the replanting of new coral reefs through new product solutions and procedures. How to transform the urban streets into green spaces with new autonomous products and set-ups. How to bring in greenery into our homes with self-sustaining and powered product systems. How greenery can enter our office spaces in a physical and service-based form. How the public can interact and help determining were permanent and temporary greenery will be put up in our urban spaces. How the total energy consumption of buildings can be measured and monitored.
As small video of each of the projects can be seen below.

Elias Thaddäus Pfuner (Austria) and Mario Kapsalis (Germany)


Automated Tarmac Removal System (TC30+TL30)
Ricardo Verheul (The Netherlands) and Thomas Müller (Germany)


Gardena GROW
Julian Loretz (Austria) and Rebecka Rosenlid (Sweden)


Gardena GRO
Gabriel Uggla and Sebastian Miura (Sweden)


Birnur Sahin (Turkey) and Manuel Hess (Germany)

Alexandre de Bastiani (Brazil) and Nathan Qin (Germany)


External tutors:

Filip Sauer, Felix Heibeck, Victor Johansson, ABOVE.

Internal tutors:

Brendon Clark, Linda Bogren, Jonas Sandström and Oscar Björk.

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.