2019 Degree Projects

MFA Degree Project in Advanced Product Design

20-week course 

The design opportunities identified and addressed in the degree projects covered as diverse and challenging themes as: A portable device for high mountain climbers for emergency hypoxia treatment in extreme altitudes. The next generation of an ergonomic and smart orthopedic surgerytool that considers the needs of multiple stakeholders. A positioning tracker system designed to be mounted on existing high-volume life wests on ferry's for optimal overview and search during mass rescue operation. Teaching aids for footwear design that empower and guide young talents through 2D and 3D visualization steps with a digital dimension for inspiration, sharing and reaching the industry. Aneco-system for early childhood simulation that will enable and support parents to interact with their children through playful learning activities from an early stage. A new type of bathroom accessory designed for co-living context to enhance the emotional value of bathroom with minimum hardware installation.A wearable designed for the needs and of hearing impaired youths that enables them to seamlessly get each other's immediate attention through haptics.A daylight exposure system designed to help people get an understanding of their light exposure and change their daylight habits.A display of two speculative design visions on how to bring more happiness into our lives through theme-based artefacts and collaborative robots that act as a helping buddy to the assistant nurses.

This wide span of new ideas and designs to improve and enrich our daily life is an indicator of the design opportunities just waiting to be identified and addressed by the professional industrial designer.


» Link to the 2019 on-line exhibition


External project tutor:

Simon Fredriksson, Senior Industrial Designer, ABOVE.

Internal project tutors:

Oscar Björk, Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.
Linda Bogren, Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.
Linda Bresäter, Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.

Exam advisors:

Malin Grummas, Industrial Designer, Designit (Denmark).
Aina Nilsson Ström, Professor of Practise, Umeå Institute of Design.

Course responsible and examiner: 

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.