Equipping the Future Agile Workspace

2019 Strategic Product Design

10-week term project in collaboration with Logitech


The primary objective with this term project was to explore the space for new product solutions for the future agile workspace, where more of us will be working elsewhere than the traditional office environment and despite being apart working more together with others. 

Work method

The starting point was to first get a common understanding of Logitech's present products and the segments they are represented and the design language and the experience of these provide through the use of a number of products on the market.
An intense kick-off exercise where done together with Logitech where the present situation and users were compared to future scenarios of five and ten years. A visual summary of Logitech design language was visually framed through a common core exercise, from which a future design language was explored in parallel with the students conceptualisation of new solutions for the future agile workspace.


The final design concepts covered enriching the remote collaboration situations through either emotional confirmation and interaction or by empowering and engaging remote meeting participants in new physical and visual ways and new and smarter input devices and transformable keyboards designed for shared workspaces. Product solutions and interactions designed for helping people separating private and work life and the minimalistic representation of the personal portable connection to cloud computing.

External project tutors from Logitech:

Malachy Spollen, Senior Director, Design, Logitech
Paul Wolfson, Industrial Designer, Logitech 

External tutor on Strategic Design:

Alex Liebert, Industrial Designer, Usify AB.

Internal tutors:

Jonas Sandström, Senior Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.
Oscar Björk, Lecturer, Umeå Institute of Design.

Course responsible and internal tutor: 

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme.