Smart Self-Care Concepts

2009 Strategic Design

10-week term project in collaboration with Philips Healthcare


In this project the APD students initially worked in teams researching and collecting information about medicare equipment and related product applications available on the market today.

In the next phase, the students identified design opportunities for the development of new smart self-care concepts that could enhance or develop the brand in a future scenario.

The students was required to use the concept of the product, its proportions, surface language, details, graphics, functionality, and material choices, to create the identity of the product that captures the spirit of the DNA of the Philips brand.

The result was 11 different concepts providing potential solutions for a wide range of problems like: food allergen detection, migraine relief, eating disorders, olfactory therapy, detection of iron deficiency, bone repair therapy and stress release through meditation.

External tutors:

Anders Smith, Anders Smith Design, Denmark
Professor Pete Avondoglio, senior advisor for the APD programme
Jeroen Raijmakers, Global Design Director, Medical Systems, Philips, The Netherlands

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme

  • UID students

    Artur Tchoukanov
    Erik Borg
    Francisco Lindoro
    Markus Stridsberg
    Martin Hanberger
    Fedja Delic
    Regimantas Vegele
    Emil Orman
    Oscar Björk
    Philipp Divitschek
    Metin Kaplan