Sound and Form Language

2009 Industrial Sound Design

4-week course

The overall aim of the course is to gain an increased understanding, awareness and experience of how sound and tactility can be used to enhance the experience of a products form language and interface design.
Form studies are generally focusing on the appearance of objects where the visual sense is dominant. Less attention has been paid to how we experience products and objects through other sensory channels such as our hearing and touch. However, the use of sound in products has become increasingly important, not only to enhance the impression of quality but also for the exchange of information. Many companies have sound design on their agenda and have brought attention to how sound can be used in a design context. Today this area is known as Industrial Sound Design.
The course encompassed introductions to both hard- and software and creative exercises related to the technical aspects of sound and hands-on experience on how to generate, manipulate and design sounds. The course offers the participants opportunity to experiment with sound and it's relationship to both "2D form and action" and "3D form and tactility".

External lecturers:

Nils-Erik Gustafsson, human factors specialist, Stockholm
Pete Avondoglio, professor and senior advisor for the APD programme

Lecturers from Interactive Institute in Piteå:

Stefan Lindberg, music and sound expert
Johan Fagerlönn, researcher in a Scania sponsored research project
Nigel Papworth, researcher and content designer

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme

  • UID students

    Artur Tchoukanov
    Emil Orman
    Erik Borg
    Francisco Lindoro
    Fedja Delic
    Markus Stridsberg
    Martin Hanberger
    Metin Kaplan
    Oscar Björk
    Regimantas Vegele
    Philipp Divitschek