The Lightcraft Project

2009 Emerging Technology

10-week term project

The design challenge that was given to the 11 multi-disciplinary groups, consisting of students representing the three MA programmes at the Umeå Institute of Design; Advanced Product Design (APD), Transportation Design (TpD) and Interaction Design (IxD), was to join forces, re-think and re-frame the concept and the practical aspects of the lightcraft technology before, during and after flight. The principle of the lightcraft technology is to use laser beam propulsion, either as tractor or pusher beams, to launch a satellite or smaller vehicle out of the atmosphere, coasting through the space vacuum and then re-entering the atmosphere and landing without the use or weight of fossil fuel. 
This technology has in theory, the potential of becoming an eco-friendly way of high-speed travelling enabling travellers to go to the other side of earth within three quarters of an hour.
The results from the 11 groups were various concepts framing and visualizing lightcraft transport solutions for either luxurious two-person configurations to multiple-passenger versions with a high comfort level, to stripped-down but extremely advanced emergency shuttles in case of a natural disaster in remote locations.

External lecturers:

Dr. Leik N. Myrabo, Lightcraft Technologies International, USA
Karl Forsberg, industrial designer, Propeller Design AB, Stockholm
Matt Cottam, designer, Tellart, Amsterdam / San Francisco

Course responsible:

Demian Horst, Programme Director for the TpD programme
Niklas Andersson, Programme Director for the IxD programme
Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme

  • UID students

    Andre Marsiglia
    Anna-Karin Bergkvist
    Metin Kaplan
    Robert Lange
    Earl Pineda
    Paola Alvarez Gracida
    J Antonio Aguilar
    Martin Hanberger
    Markus Stridsberg
    Oscar Björk