Electric Screwdriver + Brand X

2014 Product Analysis and Parametric Modelling

5-week course

The goal of the course is to introduce the complexities of product development and construction. In the first phase of the course a series of low-price off-the-shelve electric screwdrivers was disassembled and analysed in terms of function, materials and construction.

In the second phase the solid modelling software SolidWorks was introduced on an individual basis, depending on the student's previous experience. As a part of the software tutoring the students modelled the screwdriver's internal components in SolidWorks.

In the third phase the students had to make a new design of the screwdriver. The assignment was to select a brand of their own choice and analyse the aesthetics and values of the brand. The students then had to create a new screwdriver design that would fit the selected brand.

The fourth and final phase covered the production of a full functional prototype, first by modelling parts for rapid prototyping, followed by model building and assembly with the existing components and finally a presentation and demonstration of the working prototype.

Internal lecturer:
Thomas Lindehell, SolidWorks teacher
Rickard Åström, prototyping support

External lecturer:
Johan Gustafsson, Struktur Design AB, Umeå

External guest lecturer:
Robert Lange, Designit, Germany

Course responsible:
Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme