Future Safety Solutions for Oil and Gas Workers

2014 Strategic Design

10-week term project in collaboration with Dräger Safety

The objective

The aim of this design study was to identify new relevant design opportunities for workers in the oil and gas industry. This included the mental and physical stress and comfort level, as well as protection equipment for extremely dangerous work tasks and situations. Besides common work routines, like inspections and supervision of the plant, a special focus was put on the management and procedures that takes place during a shutdown at a petrol-chemical plant. A shutdown is when all production is stopped in order to inspect, service or make repairs. In addition to this the students were also asked to explore, analyse and visualize the Dräger brand, taking into account both the visual and spiritual DNA of Dräger Safety's brand values and product ranges.


The process
The project started with a study trip to Gothenburg that included a visit at an oil refinery, hands-on and practical tests of Dräger's present personal equipment solution and a workshop and brainstorm at Dräger Safety's sales office.
After this the APD students analysed and identified insights and design opportunities and selected their project directions. Representatives from Dräger Safety's product development and design department in Lübeck, Germany participated with feedback on design and product development throughout the project.

The result
The final result was 9 different project results addressing different identified design opportunities ranging from breathing and head protection solutionss to new designs for wearable gas detection and equipment handling and transport.

External project tutor:

Alex Liebert, Director of the Industrial Design Competence Center at Atlas Copco

Lennart Wenzel, Product Design Manager, R&D of
Personal Protective Equipment at Dräger Safety AG

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme