LEDx 2013

2013 Product Analysis and Construction

5-week course

The goal of the course is to introduce the complexities of product development and construction as well as a variety of professional tools and methods.

In the first phase of the course the solid modelling software SolidWorks is introduced on an individual basis, depending on the student's previous experience together with a number of optimised tutorials.

The creative exercise is introduced in the second phase. A given product, this time low-cost LED lights, were disassembled and analysed in terms of function, materials and construction and the internal components were 3D modelled for size reference. 
In the next phase the students were asked to selected an existing product (without a light!) and combine this existing product (or function) with the new feature of an in-build LED light and thereby create a new product design together with a brand expression of their own choice. 

The fourth and final phase of the course covered the production of a full functional prototype by rapid prototyping the new product parts, followed by model building, painting and assembly with the new LED components and finally a presentation and demonstration of the working prototype.

Internal lecturers:
Thomas Lindehell, SolidWorks teacher

Lars Isaksson, Workshop responsible

Course responsible:
Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme