Industrial Sound Design

2014 Industrial Sound Design

3-week course

Analysis and practical exercises in the study of form are generally focused on the appearance of objects where the visual sense is dominant. Less attention has been paid to how we experience products and objects through other sensory channels such as our hearing and touch. However, the use of sound in products has become increasingly important not only to enhance product quality but also for the exchange of information. Companies such as Philips and Nokia have sound design on their agenda and today this area is known as Industrial Sound Design.

This course provides the students with the opportunity to experiment with sound and to explore the relationship between form, light and sound. The course addresses topics ranging from the technical aspects of sound and materials, to cognitive issues on how we understand and experience sound.

The overall aim of the course is for the students to gain an increased understanding, awareness and experience about how sound and light can be used in product and interface design.

External Tutor:
Stefan Lindberg, a Sound Designer from Sonic Studios at the Interactive Institute Piteå

Peter Lundholm
Rickard Åström

Course Responsible:
Thomas Degn


Angl° by  Júlia Nacsa, Taís Mauk & Joakim Bergbom
Angl° is a wearable device creating real-time sound feedback to improve exercise experience for recreational athletes. By increasing their awareness through melodic soundscapes, Angl° help athletes prevent injuries and support proper exercise intensity.
These soundscapes are generated based on sensor information monitored from the user's natural training rhythm. When their posture collapses, Angl° creates dissonant audio to alert them to their degrading form. The device also guides users to optimal workout intensity, subtly increasing the tempo of the soundscape to motivate them, or slowing it down to protect them from overexertion. 


Remind - Music for Memory by Emily Keller, Darja Wendel, Lina Trulsson, and Migle Padegimaite
"What if loved ones could help awaken memories through music and sounds?" The result was a personalized, tangible, digital music player for elderly Alzheimer's patients. Our concept was inspired by music as therapy for Dementia via the documentary "Alive Inside."


Meridiem - Care for your sleep  by Ionita Bogdan, James McIntyre, Jiaojiao Xu, and Thibault Moussanet
The combination of sound and light offers a great opportunity to redesign sleeping process in a more natural and intuitive approach. Breathing therapy is introduced as a method to regulate user's inhale and exhale before going to sleep as well as waking up, which results in better sleep quality.


Spotter 1.0 by Maja Hedlund, Ilteris Ilbasan, Roy  Pouliadou,  and Idil Tunga.
A device that will assist life-guards reach an athlete in need to prevent fatal accidents at triathlon swimming races.


Tofu - Personal Sound Nudges by Jenni Toriseva, Marcel Penz, Regi Vegele, and Zihao Wang.
Tofu will give your friends gentle sound nudges to remind them of their goals. The main purpose of tofu is to help your friends brake bad habits or gain good one's. It is meant as a present for someone you care about.


The Food Radiation Scanner by Mady Torres, Jost Siebert, Peter Alwin, and Kevin Gaunt
The Food Radiation Scanner is a kitchen appliance that helps people determine if their groceries are safe to consume. The target audience are Japanese households affected by the Fukushima incident living in areas where elevated radiation levels can be observed in fresh food at local markets. The Food Radiation Scanner improves on handheld Geiger counters in that it offers more accurate and understandable readings in a shorter amount of time. This way we hope to make customers feel safe about buying locally grown food again.