The Organ Monitoring Project

2011 Emerging Technology

10-week term project in collaboration with Biomedical


The three term-projects at the APD programme essentially have the same basic goal, to identity relevant design opportunities and design solutions and products for these, but the point of departure is quite different. In this 3rd and last term project, the students do not start with a given user group or a specific brand or an obvious problem, but with an emerging technology. This year our starting point was a new emerging method that could be the generation of Microdialysis: Surface-Microdialysis (SMD). The collaborating partner was Pernilla Abrahamsson, a local researcher who discovered and patented a new type of SMD catheter.

Work Method

In the brief time at hand the students studied the background for this emerging surgical method that principally would allow having multiple catheters on an organ or other types of living tissue, thereby giving more detailed and correct monitoring and information to a surgical team or other hospital personnel, primarily during and after a surgical procedure, like an organ transplantation. The project started with a visit at the Umeå University Hospital's animal test clinic where clinical tests are carried out and where tests with this new technique have been made to validate the principle. That same week there was a joined two-day workshop facilitated by the visiting design tutor Stefan Magnusson at the Umeå Institute of Design with external participants from the hospital.

During the following weeks, supplementary visits at the hospital and research were made after which the students wrote and handed in their design briefs describing what area and focus they had decided to address with the SMD technique.

The final presentation consisted of a digital presentation describing the problem and method employed, presentation and functional models describing the usage and overall concept and design of the projects. The result was eight different concepts for new SMD concepts that included the pump system, the sample collection, new designs of the catheter itself, and video documentation on how the concepts were intended to be used.

Unfortunately it is not possible at this stage to show all the results, so instead we display images from the process.

External project tutor:

Stefan Magnusson, industrial designer, No Picnic, Stockholm

External lecturers/ tutors:

Patents: Steen Mandsfelt, industrial designer (DK)

Product interaction: Nils-Erik Gustafsson, Interaction specialist

Course responsible:

Thomas Degn, Programme Director for the APD programme

  • UID students

    Ayca Kinik Altuner
    Gosha Galitsky
    Hanako Arámbula
    John (Ju Seok) Lee
    Jiawei Zhang
    José Juan Loredo Rodriguez
    Mansour Ourasanah
    Malin Grummas
    Nilas Pleje
    Omer Haciomeroglu
    Nicholas Ross
    Cenk Aytekin