It is all about people,
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MFA in Interaction Design

Our Interaction Design Programme deals with the relation between people and Information Technology with particular focus on the interaction between product and user. We see the discipline of Interaction Design as the ability to design both the cognitive and physical interface and integrate them into a successful whole. Our aim is to enable designers to create sustainable, comprehensible and pleasurable information based products, services and environments.

Courses are given in a range of subjects including Human-Computer Interaction, Graphic Design, Contextual Enquiry and Experience Prototyping. Interface prototyping tools, scenario techniques and user studies are consistently applied in project work. Experienced designers present case studies.

This study programme is about people rather than technology. Scandinavia has a long tradition of user-centered research focusing on the relationship between people and technical systems. Actively involving users in design projects is a central feature of the Interaction Design Programme. Emphasis is placed on user involvement in the design process and iterative prototype evaluation.
The teaching language is English.

Field of Activities

The Interaction Design Programme prepares students for working in the industry. Students are frequently employed as design consultancies as well as in major corporations. Some of the students get into research. Umeå Institute of Design has a research group where research is conducted through general grants as well as specific company collaboration.

Qualification obtained

A degree of Master of Fine Arts. Main field of study: Industrial Design. Specialization: Interaction Design.

Application Date

The final date for application and portfolio submission is January 15th. The course starts in September.