Experience Prototyping 2010

From non-tech to high-tech

5-Week Project, Fall Term

The main educational objective of this class is for the students to learn how to bring (envisioned, present or future) experiences to life via various prototyping skills and techniques.

The program for this year's edition is the following:

Week 1: Stop Motion and Design Evidencing
Week 2: Video with Canon 7D, Arduino, Wireless communication
Week 3: Haptics workshop
Week 4: Mobile hacking
Week 5: Interactive Lighting

In addition to developing a mastery of different tools, the students are required to docuement and reflect on their own design activities. Each student has to produce a weekly video report exposing their thoughts and perspective on their work.

More info and details on the course wiki.

External tutors:
Timo Arnall, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
George Paravantes
Mikko Pitkänen
Brian Hinch, Tellart, USA
Daniel Hirschmann, London

Camille Moussette, Matt Cottam

Course responsible:
Camille Moussette


Week 1 final stop motion film. 

Week 1 final stop motion film. 


Week 2 video report by Yangchen Zhang.


Week 3 video report by Nirvana Soltani. 


Week 4, video report by Jennifer Sarich-Harvey


Week 5 video report by Erik Rydell.


Watch all weekly video reports on the IxD Vimeo account.
Browse  all videos produced during the stop motion workshop.