Environment/Equality - Health - Safety/Sustainability Group

The EHS group is a preparatory and advisory body that handles matters regarding physical and psycho-social work environment, equality and equal treatment, health and safety, and sustainability at Umeå Institute of Design. For each of these areas, there are sub-groups handling the specific areas of  Equal access and Work environment and that meet and carry out operative work on a regular basis.

The work at Umeå Institute of Design with issues of work environment and equal opportunities follow the rules, policies and guidelines set centrally by Umeå University for both staff and students.


Members of the EHS group:

Mikael Elofsson, acting Head of Department (chair)
Lars Byström, work environment representative
David Risberg, deputy work environment representative
Sara Eriksson, equal opportunities representative
Niklas Andersson, equal opportunities representative
Patrik Mattsson, fire safety officer         

Jon Sommarström, student representative work environment
Karl Marteliusson,  student representative work environment
Sebastian de Cabo, student representative equal opportunities
Carolyn Wegner, student representative equal opportunities

EHS Meetings are held the first Tuesday in each month, between 8.15 and 9. Issues to be handled are sent in to the Chair or staff work environment representative  in advance, or through the meetings in the different sub-groups. Local UID policies and guidelines are found here.

Meetings 2017

January 10

Meetings 2016

November 01
October 14

September 6
May 3

April 5
March 1
February 2

Meetings 2015

November 3
June 9
May 5
April 20, Handling of chemicals
April 7
March 3
February 3
September 1
October 6

Meetings 2014

December 2
October 13, Evacuation plans
October 7
May 6
April 1
March 11
February 4
January 14

Meetings 2013

December 5
November 5
October 1

June 4
March 3

Meetings 2012

November 6
December 4