UID Routines: 4D labs and workshops

Routines for access to and use of 4D labs and workshops

UID shall provide a safe work environment in the school's labs and workshops. A basic training of the students (and staff) in workshop safety and routines shall be carried out before giving persons access to the different labs and workshops. Safety rules, first aid training and repetition courses during the study year are examples of features in this training. Students (and staff) must practically and theoretically prove that they have understood the education and training before being awarded a "driver's licence" proving that they may work in labs and workshops. At the different work stations, information signage shall provide guidance for use. The workshop and lab facilities are provided with emergency showers and eye showers. Ventilation booths shall meet the requirements of AFS 1991:10.

Student and/or staff at UID have, after passing the training/education, permission to use 4D labs, workshops and equipment during the study year, provided the following conditions are met:

1. UID and Umeå University safety regulations and rules must be followed at all times, by all staff and students (see below).

2. Persons working in the labs and workshops must be well rested and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. Suitable safety clothes and equipment such as ear and eye protection shall be used during workshop work. Long hair must be tied up.

4. To uphold safety and quality in labs and workshops, all users of facilities and equipment shall maintain cleanliness and order in the premises and around the machines.

5. Work in the workshops can only be carried out if at least 2 personas are present in the same part of the facilities. This applies to all hours of the day, round the clock.

6. Students/employees working in the labs and workshops outside of office/work hours are responsible for making sure that no persons without permit to be there are in the workshop facilities.

7. Own work, not related to education, can only be carried out in the facilities after permit from workshop responsible technician. 

8. If serious faults or flaws in the security of machines arise, ongoing work shall be discontinued immediately. Responsible technician shall be contacted immediately. 

9. Work requiring the temporary bypass of security features on machines/equipment can only be carried out after consulting responsible technician. 

10. The permit only applies to the equipment for which the student/employee has received training.

11. The permit to use labs and workshops outside of office/work hours is only valid from the time of the workshop training and until further notice, and only during the UID opening hours and as long as the student is enrolled at UID.


Rules and safety procedures for UID's 4D-lab and workshops

1. The workshop machines can be used between 06:00-24:00 during the school year. At other times, the power to the machines will be turned off. Shortly before the power is turned off to the machines, it will be announced with a blue warning light in the metal workshop.

2. In order to use machines and premises after regular work hours (8-17) there MUST be at least two people present in the same room.

3. Always use personal protective equipment when working in workshops such as hearing protection, safety glasses or respirator if necessary. Remember to have long hair put up, no loose clothing, scarves, or hanging jewelry when working in rotating machinery. Use protective blue coats only in the workshops, to avoid spreading around all the dust in other premises.

4. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs may you under no circumstances be in the workshops. Also remember that being tired, stressed or otherwise out of balance affects judgment and reaction, it is then not suitable to work in rotating machinery.

5. In case of emergency, use one of the two landline telephones in the workshops. Lift the handset and dial the emergency number 112 to get in contact with ambulance, police or fire brigade. State who you are, where you are calling from and what has happened.

6. Machines and workshops are equipped with emergency stops. If a machine cannot be started, first check that the main switch is turned on in the wood workshop, respectively the metal workshop and secondly that the wall emergency stops are reset.

7. If a fire or other accident occurs that requires evacuation of the workshops: make sure you are prepared in advance and know where different evacuation routes are located. Check the evacuation plans that are posted around the building, and take note of where the assembly point is located. If you see that evacuation routes are blocked or barred, please notify UID staff immediately.

8. The workshops and 4D lab are equipped with portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency showers and water hoses. Locate and check where they are before something happens. If equipment is missing or out of order, please notify UID staff immediately.

9. First aid materials and eye wash are posted in the workshops. Use them when necessary. If you take the last plaster or emptied a bottle of eye wash, notify the responsible staff immediately so that refill of new material can be placed.

10. In order to achieve good quality and working environment for as many people as possible, it is important that everyone takes personal responsibility for machines, equipment and premises. Make sure to hang back used tools and safety equipment, clean up around the machines you have used and take with you to the models / products you manufactured. Should tools or equipment break or be lost, notify the responsible staff immediately, so they can be repaired / replaced.

11. For purchase of materials, turn to the caretaker or technician Monday through Friday, between the hours 8:00 -9:00 a.m.. At other times, you can contact the workshop responsible in each class.