Travel bookings

On this page, you'll find instructions for how to go about booking a business trip for yourself. More detailed information about Umeå University rules, policies and information on business travel and travel bookings is found on Aurora.

Please book your trip as well in advance as possible, in order to get the best price (in relation to travel and waiting time). See the Umeå University policy and rules for more details on this.

General information
The travel agency of Umeå University is XLNT Travel. Book your travel directly online. You need a booking profile in order to be able to book yourself: Contact staff administrator, Sara Eriksson to apply for a booking profile.

Always have project number and activity number ready before making a booking. (Project/activity number is linked to how the trip is funded - which you should always know before making a booking. If you have questions regarding this, ask accountant, Corné de Beer)

Try to only make one booking per trip (travel, taxi and accomodation all together) to avoid double booking fees. Don't use e-mail to contact the travel agency. If you have questions - call staff administrator, Sara Eriksson

Booking cost (per booking item):

Online:                                25 sek
Phone:                               170 sek
E-mail:                               300 sek



Always choose the hotel with the lowest cost, given the reasonable location in relation to where your venue is and the aim of your travel. To book hotels within Sweden, use XLNT travel, or look for hotels on and book directly with the hotel. When booking a hotel abroad, either book directly using your University credit card, or contact staff administrator Sara Eriksson.

Contact Sara Eriksson if you need help with invoice information.

Taxi to/from Umeå Airport
Book your taxi to/from Umeå Airport directly when making your travel booking. If you need to make a separate booking, please find information here.  When possible, please book a shared taxi to the airport, since that cost is lower.

UID Customer ID:4052
The name of the traveler should always be on the invoice

When the travel time is 3 hours or less, train or bus should be chosen before airplane travel.
To book a train, log in with cas-id via Aurora
Reference code: 5310IWL

  • Travel bookings for UID visitors

    When booking travels for incoming teachers/tutors and UID guests, please use this travel form after making the formal agreement with the visiting person.