CAID2 Beamer Exercise

Model quickly a FlashLight

by only using the FlashLight_side.tif as a background.

  • Use the FlashLight_side.tif for the 3D-modelling. Size!
  • Button. Correctly positioned
  • Label that is not square shaped (use transparancy or mask)
  • Download and add an 3D-model into the FlashLigth project, a plug or button...
  • One shadow
  • Rendered with raytracing 1280x1024 tif or PNG
  • High Quality, Tesselation and Anti-Aliasing
  • Think about High Lights and reflections

And please put your own "touch" on the Flash Light ;)

Right-click and "save target as" on the side pic below. Where should you save it?!

Download side pic.



 Some student work

Bea _03


Philip Nordmand09

Flash _rend _3

Malin Grummas09

Crn _beamer _01